Delete data_editor row without keyboard?


I’m trying to delete a row on a phone, without a “delete” button.

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

 col_configs = {
        'Date': st.column_config.SelectboxColumn(
            options=[x.strftime('%m-%d-%y') for x in selectable_week_dates ],
            help="Date you DON'T want to work",
        'Reason': st.column_config.TextColumn(
            help="Reason you don't want to work on this date",

    df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['Date', 'Reason'])

    edited_df = st.data_editor(data=df, num_rows='dynamic', column_config= col_configs, key=make_widget_key('no-dates'), disabled=not ra_enable)

add a row - then try to delete without a keyboard.

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Hey @apassy,

Thanks for sharing this request! This functionality isn’t supported today but this seems like a reasonable feature request – I’ve created one here, and would appreciate it if you and any other interested community members would upvote it using the thumbs-up emoji so our team can prioritize it appropriately.

“here” - is there supposed to be a link?

Yes! Sorry about that. Here it is. Our team also confirmed that this will probably be worked on the upcoming quarter!