Deny app access


Just wanted to know about the following 2 points: With streamlit, is there a way to deny access to an app (Locally / cloud) if:

  1. a wrong password is entered a number of times?
  2. the request is coming from a certain ip address?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Shawn_Pereira

A while back IP allowlisting was retired from Community Cloud (please see Link to IP Allowlist Documentation is Broken - #6 by Nathan_Jones) and a related reply from @Charly_Wargnier suggested to look into firewall rules in a custom deployment on a third-party cloud platform:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @dataprofessor , for the quick response. I was looking more for a solution to do this programmatically, much like a banking app that prevents a certain user (ip address) access for 24 hours if they have crossed 3 wrong password attempts.


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