Deployed streamlit app but getting access denied issue for urls

Hi All, I have created one app using streamlit and deployed it on, When when access that its giving me error for access denied, As I am tryingto scrap data from external url, When I run this app in local it works fine but not working when deployed…

Please find attached error.

Can someone please guide me?

Without seeing the actual code, I can only make guesses:

  • Does the external call to this URL require authentication? Then maybe something is wrong with the credentials.
  • The server of the called URL could possibly have IP blocking or Geo-IP blocking active.

Thank you very much for your response.
I agree without looking at code its difficult to guess, however, I qm tryimg to access the url which dosent required auth, However i can able to execute the without any issue when i am running this pgm in local only facing issue when I deploy the code in streamlit cloud.

Without more information, I have to stick to guessing: You are probably trying to query an Indian URL? Streamlit Cloud runs on AWS machines in the US, as far as I know. Therefore, I suspect that the webserver rejects these requests, either because these IP addresses are blacklisted or geoip blocking is used.

Yes you are right, I am accessing Indian url however I am using. but I suspect somthing wrong with that perticular url bcoz other urls I can able to access.

Shall I share the code here?