Deployed app not showing up in workspace

I deployed this app today:
The repo is located here in one of my company’s orgs, deepgram-devs: GitHub - deepgram-devs/deepgram-captions-demo: A streamlit app to demo deepgram-captions

However, even though I can go to the url and see it deployed, I do not see the app in my workspace where it says “Your Apps”.

I went through steps to create a github account using the same gmail that we are using with streamlit. And I gave the gmail account admin access as a member for the repo so Streamlit could access it. The github account we’ve connected to Streamlit can only have admin access on a repo by repo basis, not for the entire org.

Can you help me understand why we can’t see the app in our workspace? Streamlit username is deepgram-devrel.



Hi @Sandra_R,

Thanks for sharing this question!

You’ll need to navigate into the workspace for the GitHub organization that owns the repo (check out our doc here).

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your response.

I am already in the workspace for the Github organization that owns the repo. When I click on the icon, the dropdown shows that there are no other workspaces in the account.

Hi @Sandra_R,

It looks like this app is owned by “deepgram-devs” but you mentioned that you’re in the “deepgram-devrel” workspace. You’ll need to be in the “deepgram-devs” workspace in Community Cloud to see the app appear in the dashboard.

Thank you, I’ve got it working now!

Hi Caroline,

I have another question. I’m wondering how I could submit my app to be featured in the app gallery. Do you have a submission process?


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