Cannot see the workspaces in UI

I authed the Streamlit with the organization TensorChord · GitHub. But I could not see the workspace when I tried to deploy GitHub - tensorchord/ai-infra-statistics: This repository contains statistics about the AI Infrastructure products.

The app is deployed:

But I cannot see it in the cloud dashboard.

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Hi @gaocegege

Could you ensure that intended GitHub account is connected to your Gmail account. Or that you are logged in the intended GitHub account.

Please see this Docs page for further info:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply.

I can confirm that I am using the correct GitHub account. I can see some correct workspaces in the UI (I have many orgs in GitHub). But I just cannot see some others

Hi! GitHub permissions are replicated asynchronously to Streamlit Community Cloud. It might mean that for large organizations, it takes up to 1h for the permissions to update.

In addition to that, the list of workspaces is cached independently, so it might take longer for it to update. I’m working on reducing the latency in this area, but it will take a few weeks until the change is completely rolled out.

Can you see the workspace at this point in time?