Deployed issues with streamlit in windows server 2019

Hey there, first time posting here.

We currently working on a new development using streamlit platform, and first time we using it. The simplicity is very good, the deployment quite simple too. We have a problem, we need to use Windows server 2019, we just implemented the code and all the dependencies inside that OS, even the dashboard is completely normal at localhost:8501 when we run streamlit, but if you call from another PC all the widgets don’t appear or in simple words… disappear (they won’t load).
Any experience working with this kind of OS?



Hi @Felipe_jazz,

Thanks for sharing this question!

Have you configured your Windows firewall to allow traffic on the port Streamlit app is using? (default is usually 8501). If you haven’t, this might be the reason it’s not working because the incoming connection to the app is being blocked by the firewall.

Hi @tonykip yes we done a new rule on firewall configuration, but still the widgets has problems. There is another way or port? other options too?


Can you share your code?

Unfortunately no, we are inside a mining company, the cybersecurity politics are very restrictive.

Thanks for the info. I will keep digging for some potential solutions but it is a bit tricky not being able to replicate the same system for troubleshooting purposes.