Deploying first time around - causing errors, trying again usually works

Hi there,

Really like using Streamlit for some projects of mine so far - just one issue which is kind of annoying me a little bit.

App works fine when deployed on Streamlit. When I go to do any code update and push to GitHub and then the app refreshes, it sometimes gives an error that one of the libraries (seaborn, numpy, matplotlib etc) are causing the issue. All of them are up to date in the requirements.txt file, press re-boot app and then it all works again. Must be a bug right or have I missed something somewhere along the deployment line?


Hi @Mysteryink1992, welcome back!

Can you provide a link to the repo that demonstrates this behavior?


Hi Randy,

Thank you for coming back on this topic.

It is all currently hosted on a private repo - does that matter? I am looking at making the application public soon.
Is there a way to replicate the issue another way?

Thank you

Since it seems to be an issue with the actual Streamlit Cloud system, I’m not sure there is a way to replicate it without actually seeing the code.

Hi Randy,

Just confirming that it was indeed a package that caused the error in the first place. Such an easy thing to miss.

Closing this ticket query