Deploying Streamlit App on Kubernetes

Hi there,

I am trying to deploy a streamlit app to a kubernetes cluster. To start with I am just trying to get streamlit hello up and running. I’ve managed to get the pod to run and once I forward the port and go to the browser it’s stuck on the Please wait… startup screen as mentioned elsewhere.

I’ve read through the docs and tried the enableCORS and enable.WebsocketCompresssion options set out in the docs but that didn’t resolve the issue. I’ve also put a blank email in the project credentials file.

Are there any other suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

I’m using streamlit version 0.76.



Hi @Prina_Patel ! Welcome to the forum!

Are you using kubectl port-forward to connect to the pod? Also, I usually find it useful to look at the network activity using the browser’s developer tools. If you can DM me the HAR file from your browser it will help throw some light on what might be going on.