Deployment stuck after Initializing Java applet

Hello, I am trying to deploy an app via streamlit cloud. However, the deployment stucks with the message "Please wait...: after initializing Java applet.... Here is the link to my Github Repository. Can someone help me figure out why this is the case?


I have exactly the same issue.
Here’s the link to my GitHub repo.

I have the same issue as well. Link to my repository here.

I also have exactly the same issue here.

I uploaded the same source code to new repository in github and succeeded in launching the app from it.

My app is deployed successfully this morning. Maybe it just takes a long time to deploy or there is something down yesterday night and was fixed today.

There was a bit of a hiccup last night, which I’m told is resolved by our engineers. Since this is resolved, I’ll mark it answered for now, but if this happens again please (continue) to let us know!