Disable column sorting and disable editing row index

Hi, the st.experimental data editor is an awesome feature!

I wonder if there is a way to do these in an editable data frame:

  1. Disable column sorting (in case a user accidentally clicked on it)
  2. Disable editing row index

Will these features come in an upcoming release this year?

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The next implementation of st.experimental_data_editor is coming with more features to control columns (including locking for editing and showing/hiding the index). I know there was certainly some more work done around indices per GitHub Issue #6659. I know that sorting is disabled for a dynamic row editor, but I’m not sure about that specific setting being added for static row editors yet. I would wait to see the next version that gets released and then maybe put in a feature request to disable sorting if the new version still needs to have that added. Judging from their historical release schedule, I am expecting 1.23 to drop next week… (just guessing)

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