Disable editing a single column in st.experimental_data_editor


is it possible to disable editing only single columns or cells and not the whole Dataframe using st.experimental_data_editor?

Thanks for your help!


Not yet. Meanwhile you can use streamlit-aggrid.

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We’re working on it right now!


Would it also be possible to turn indiviual cells of the editable data editor into selectboxes? @jrieke :pray:

Currently, you can turn all cells within a column into selectboxes by making the column categorical. However, this means everything in the column is picking from the same list. It’s not currently possible to dynamically define that list conditioned the row or another cell.

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Thanks alot! I had totally missed this

Hey @jrieke was the feature realized since April?

Many thanks for your work

The data editor is scheduled to be de-experimentalized in the next release, I believe. I’m guessing we’ll see it next week. Keep an eye out for Streamlit 1.23!

The code to disable columns for editing has already been merged into the develop branch.

You can always play with streamlit-nightly if you want an early peek.

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I want to say that yes you can!
under st.column_config.NumberColumn set disabled=true