Disable or change level for streamlit logs


my config.toml has

level = "debug"

I’m running a multi-page web app based on streamlit==1.30.0

In my pages, I’m using this logging configuration:

import streamlit.logger
logger = streamlit.logger.get_logger("name_of_the_page")
logger = streamlit.logger.get_logger("name_of_the_module_i_want_logs")

This is working as expected, hence I get all DEBUG logs from all the pages/modules I’m including.
But I would like to achieve the following:

  • Get INFO logs for streamlit or disable them completely
  • Get DEBUG logs for everything else

Is it possible?

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Hello @espogian,

For your application logs, you can configure Python’s logging library directly in your code to set different logging levels for different parts of your application.

import logging
import streamlit as st


st_logger = logging.getLogger('streamlit')

# Your page/module logger can remain at DEBUG level or be set explicitly
logger = logging.getLogger("name_of_the_page")
logger.debug("This is a DEBUG message from my page.")

st.write("Check your console for the logging output.")

If you want to disable Streamlit logs entirely, you can set Streamlit’s logger level to WARNING or higher, which will suppress INFO and DEBUG logs:


Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
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