How Can I disable the watcher logger

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First above all, thanks for all the dev community for this great work.
How can I disable the watcher logger in my server.
Maybe in the file ?

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anyone can help me please ? I found the possibility in the files, but it’s not working

Hi @NotAfk and welcome to the forum :wave:

You can tweak the behavior of the file watcher with the config option server.fileWatcherType.
Use it to switch between:

  • auto (default) : Streamlit will attempt to use the watchdog module, and falls back to polling if watchdog is not available.
  • watchdog : Force Streamlit to use the watchdog module.
  • poll : Force Streamlit to always use polling.
  • none : Streamlit will not watch files.

Let me know if you need any help.
And thanks for using Streamlit!

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Thanks a lot !

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For ubuntu user:

1 > > streamlit config show
2 > Copy and paste all the data shown in the screen into an named file "config.toml"
3 > Move this file to /root/.streamlit/

  • To see the hidden directories > ls -a