Display of Slider Input Values to the edges of the slider

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 3.31.32 PM

As shown in the attached screenshot, I am using slider_input to create a month, year slider. Streamlit displays the selected from and to value. At the extreme ends, the value is partially hidden on the screen. Any solutions to this?

Hello @surya_factly, welcome to the community!

Is your slider inside a beta_expander ? If yes, then unfortunately this is a known issue looking to be solved :confused:

From the same issue, a temporary workaround seems to be to add columns, like

import streamlit as st

sidebar_expander = st.sidebar.beta_expander("Slim sliders underneath!")
with sidebar_expander:
   _, slider_col, _ = st.beta_columns([0.02, 0.96, 0.02])
   with slider_col:
        st.slider("Slimmer slider", 0, 100, value=0)
        st.slider("Slimmer slider2", 0, 100, value=(0,100))

st.sidebar.slider("Standard layout slider")

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot Fanilo, that really helps. I will keep watching the space.