Displaying same dashboard for all users when one user makes a change

Quick summary:
Is there a way to update a dashboard displayed on page 1 for all users, as and when changes are made to the dashboard’s underlying data on page 2? We don’t want different versions of the same dashboard - so anything to ensure consistency across all users would be great!

Current set-up:
I made a streamlit app that my team are using. The app consists of 2 pages:

  1. Dashboard: A table which shows real-time data (with some filtering, highlighting, etc),
  2. Underlying data (data editor): A data editor where you can edit or add entries to the underlying dataframe that is displayed in the dashboard in page 1.

Expected vs actual behaviour
The plan is to have page 1 (the main dashboard) displayed on a TV. Then, as and when needed, anyone on the team can enter new values or edit the dashboard (in page 2) from their own laptops.

However, currently whenever someone adds or edits values in page 2 from their own laptop, we don’t see these changes reflected on the main dashboard on the TV - until we refresh the laptop connected to the TV.

Is there a way to ensure the dashboard in page 1 is updated for user A (when user A is on this page) after user B makes a change to the underlying data in page 2?

You can use this component to refresh your dashboard every X seconds

I also have a similar situation to yours and it works well

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