Distribution Analyser App

Hi all,

My first App is out and about! It took a while, but I’m very proud of the v1.0.
Check it: https://share.streamlit.io/rdzudzar/distributionanalyser/main/main.py

Distribution Analyser is a Web App that allows you to interactively explore continuous distributions from SciPy and fit distribution(s) to your data.

There is a link to Walkthrough video:

App snippets, below.



Some snippets:
Chose any continuous distribution, play with its parameters, or check link to see official documentation.

Tweak parameters and display what you want to see on the Figure

You can also obtain a generated Python code with your selected distributions and parameters.

Import your data and fit distribution(s) to them, as a result get interactive Figures, Table and Python code pre-filled with the best-fit distribution and its parameters.

I would appreciate feedback, and Starring GitHub page, as well as openning the issues for new features or bugs.

Thank you Streamlit team for making Streamlit!!!


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This is awesome :exploding_head: !!

Love how the introduction page is displayed, as well as the expanders in the sidebar, very well thought!

Thanks for building this, bookmarking it to show distributions to my future students :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Those are some beautiful looking charts :hushed:

Thank you,
I spend more than a bit of time designing the Figure and it’s elements, but it was worth it :slight_smile:

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