My first streamlit app!

today I finished a first version of myfirst streamlit app. Its a water quality data discovery tool allowing to visualize surface water monitoring data since 1964! I worked on this for weeks using the Django framework and did not get far. In streamlit it took me 2 days and most of the time I focused on actual data issues rather than technical problems of the web app.
Its far from finished but Im so excited! Streamlit is awesome! you find the code on git as well, the dataset is limited due to its size (260MB in total). dont look too close at the code, I’m a python newbie.


Hey @godot63 :wave: ,

Thanks for sharing your app! That’s awesome it took so much less time and you were able to focus on the data for the majority of the time.

The app is great as well, I’m not super familiar with bodies of water in Ontario, but I spend a lot of time in/on rivers and lakes in the summer so this is pretty cool to visualize. One of my really good buddies also studies and tracks watersheds for different municipalities so we’ve had a few different discussions on topics similar to this. [I’m going to show him your app the next time we hang out :relaxed:]

Thanks again for sharing :pray: and definitely excited to see where you go with this!

You’re not alone - I’m a newbie as well. And all because of Streamlit. 35 yrs in javascript; it’s time.

I was also about to dive into DJango for a look-see but perhaps it is best to stay focused on the UX and the data in Streamlit?

I want to definitely explore how far you get with Streamlit and how fast development progresses. it is amazing how far you get in little time, however one can feel that the system has limits if the apps become more complex. For now I don’t think there is a acceptable way to enter data or to have authentication and easy upload of data. For a while, this may be where Django may help, while Streamlit does the pure visualization part. But I am still exploring, so its just a guess.

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Hi @godot63

This is also my experience. Streamlit is so awesome and fast for smaller apps. It’s just released and in beta. It’s exciting to see where it will go.

Can advanced features be added without breaking the simplicity of the api and the rapid development cycle. That’s the question.

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I agree. I think not much is missing. for me, at the moment a grid layout for the controls, support for css styling and a way to suppress the rerendering after every change in the input fields would cover most. You are right, Streamlit should remain simple otherwise it will just be another web framework like Django or flask.
This being said, I wonder if some of the limits I see are rather my own limits as a new Streamlit/Python programmer. My first app has more menu navigation than I have seen in other apps and I still would like to add more controls allowing the user to better define the charts he requires. Do you have good examples of Streamlit apps, which have a more complex menu navigation? or is it simply something I should avoid since Streamlit is not the tool for it? Thanks for your opinion.