Do you use LinkedIn? Use my Streamlit app to know more about your connections!

Hi streamlit fam!

I created an app that allows you to gain insights into your connections, getting information on things such as :point_down:

  • Total connections on LinkedIn
  • Where most of your connections work at
  • Who most of your connections are (what job title they hold)
  • Who you last connected with
  • Who you first connected with (send them a message!)
  • Bar chart of top companies and positions
  • Time series plot of your connections over time (find out when you had the most connections)
  • A graph/network of your connections (see your connections in a graph)
  • Last but not least, a “who you can cold email” section that provides a list of emails of your connections (perks of LinkedIn connections!)

Try it out now :point_right:
Github Repo: GitHub - benthecoder/linkedin-visualizer: The missing feature in LinkedIn

Here’s a sneak peek of the visualizations!