DocumentGPT : A PDF Chat Agent with Web Search integration

Here’s my latest project! Introducing DocumentGPT:page_facing_up: A PDF Chatbot​:robot: powered by streamlit chat.

Unlike other Document Vector Database apps , this one additionally utilizes Langchain Agents to use web searches, whenever it cannot pull out relevant information from the document chunks. It can also support other tools, like summarization chain, math-chain etc for specific requests by the user.

All agent thought processes are visualized using the latest StreamlitCallbackHandler, and you can also view and verify the document sources as well as the web sources that the agent used.

This app is primarily meant to help you with studying research articles, as it also features an in-built PDF Reader, Google and Youtube Search functionality all in one app. But I suppose, you can use any other document to study as well.

Included options to Regenerate Response and Clear Conversation as well to mimic ChatGPT.

Was really excited to get everything working! Check it out at: GitHub - aju22/DocumentGPT: DocumentGPT is a web application that allows you to chat over your research document using OpenAI's chat API and perform semantic search using vector databases. This tool provides a seamless interface for interacting with your research document, exploring search results, and engaging in a conversation with an AI chatbot.

Here is the deployed app:

Would love to hear everyone’s feedbacks!:star2:

Please update errors handling, so that user will get to know related errors

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