How about creating a GPT for StreamLit Docs

How about a GPT for the Streamlit Documentation which not only helps u find out where the related topics are and highlights them when u try searching something in the documentation but also helps you step by step in fixing that issue? ik ChatGPT tends to overestimate the capabilites of StreamLit but what if it had its own GPT?

Hey @gSayak,
Your thought of creating a GPT for Streamlit Documentation is possible but it has many problems with it, Since the Streamlit Doc is very complex it covers very wide range of topics, from basic to advance. Creating a GPT model that can understand and navigate would be a challenging task.
But if you are so interested in this then you should give it a try!!

Already done :slight_smile: Build a chatbot with custom data sources, powered by LlamaIndex


Hey wow!! thanks for the insight, will try making mine too


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