Download-Button works on first click, creates "unsupported browser" message on second, then works again...?

I have build an app that requests some data from a public api and then allows the user to either download the xml or the data transformed into a table as csv. I have added two for this purpose, which generally work well.

My problem now is the following: When I run a request and first click on one of the buttons, the download starts as it should and the app is reset. When I then trigger the same request again and click on one of the download-buttons, I get the error message “unsupported browser”. I rerun the request thereafter, again click on one of the download buttons and it works again. Next try, unsupported browser, and so on. It literally works only every other time, but I have no idea why that is? Did this happen to anyone else or can anyone help with this?

Hi @ssp24, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Can you share a code repo that demonstrates this behavior?