Unsupported browser in Chrome


I got a new “Unsupported browser” error on Streamlit Cloud. I’m using Chrome and third-party cookies are enabled.

“Streamlit uses third-party cookies for authentication, but your browser does not support them. We are busy working on support for all browsers but, in the meantime, you can either enable third-party cookies or use a different browser, such as Chrome.”

Any clue on how to correct it? Thank you!

Repo: GitHub - artefactory/streamlit_prophet: Streamlit app to train, evaluate and optimize a Prophet forecasting model.
App: https://share.streamlit.io/maximelutel/streamlit_prophet/main/streamlit_prophet/app/dashboard.py

I have the same problem. App was working fine and I didn’t make any changes. I just downgraded streamlit from 1.10 to 1.9.2 but I still have this issue.

Same here. Everything was working fine without changing anything (only upgraded Streamlit).

Also unable to see the embedded apps in the docs pages

I have this issue aswell. I deployed my app yesterday and it was fine. Today it doesn’t work on any single browser or device? has anyone found a fix for this?

Hi all :wave:

This issue is caused by a regression on Streamlit Cloud. The team has identified the issue and are in the process of releasing a fix. I will follow up with an update here once the fix is released. Stay tuned!

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Seems fixed. Thanks alot for the quick response!

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The issue has been fixed!

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Thanks a lot!