Dropbox AI Chat with Streamlit and LLM App

Hi Community,

I have created recently a new demo with Streamlit + Dropbox. The GitHub project is here: GitHub - pathway-labs/dropbox-ai-chat: AI-powered Dropbox search tool for private documents

You can quickly summarize the content and get the information you need in real-time from private large unstructured documents in your Dropbox. The same tool can be used with OneDrive.


Super cool… I like the pipeline using pathway (which I hadn’t heard of!) that runs as an API reactively indexing document in real time. Will this run in Streamlit Cloud?

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Hi @asehmi,

Thank you for your feedback:)

Yes, I discovered some ways to run it in Streamlit Cloud too. Actually, I wanted to discuss with someone which way is the best technically. Would you like to know more details? I am happy to jump on a call.

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