Dynamically create selectboxes and save the Selections

Am splitting a text into tokens and for each toke, creating a select box. How would I be able to save the token and the corresponding selected value? Here is my noob attempt.

checkpoint = “bert-base-uncased”

tokenizer = BertTokenizer.from_pretrained(checkpoint)

if “load_state” not in st.session_state:
st.session_state.load_state = False

#txt = “There is a leak on the third floor with the HVAC”
saved = False

txt = st.text_area(“”)
tokenize = st.button(“Tokenize”)
input_cols = st.container()

if tokenize or st.session_state.load_state:
st.session_state.load_state = True
tokens = tokenizer.tokenize(txt)
token_length = len(tokens)
options = [“L”, “E”]

with input_cols:
    cols = st.columns(token_length)
    for ix, col in enumerate(cols):
        tokenboxes = col.selectbox(tokens[ix], key=ix, options=options)
save = st.button(“Save”)

if save:
st.write(tokenboxes[1]) # the key should exist from above but this index doesnt exist

Hi @Sharat_Sastry,

Thanks for posting! Can you share what’s going wrong with your current attempt?


When I posted this @Caroline, I was unable to create multiple select boxes on the fly. This doesnt help:

tokenboxes = col.selectbox(tokens[ix], key=ix, options=options)

I couldn’t reference the boxes back by the key.

One way I tried to solve it was to index each box by ix and then create a dictionary to save the keys and values

        for ix, col in enumerate(cols):
            k = tokens[ix] + "_" +  str(ix)
            token_dict[k] = tokens[ix]
            tokenboxes[k] = col.selectbox(tokens[ix], key=k, options=options, on_change=track_changes, args=(k,), index=0)

But I’m not sure this is the most efficient way to do it. Any suggestions?