Embedded Streamlit apps now show direct link to the app!

I’ve just experienced something weird. I have an app hosted in Streamlit Cloud. I embed this app in my website, accessible via authentication.

My app was “hidden”. To get the link you needed to inspect web to obtain the iframe. But now the Streamlit UI shows a direct link to the app. Please see screenshot attached.

Question for Streamlit moderators, is this how it will look like from now on? maybe you are testing some new features? Thanks!!!

How did you embed it? There used to be two options: ?embed=true and ?embedded=true. I see the latter still renders without the new bottom bar but is not mentioned in documentation anymore. Thus ?embedded=true might be getting deprecated at soon. It does indeed appear that the new display style for ?embed=true has that bottom bar. I don’t see any of the listed options to remove it, either.

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Thanks!, embedded=true works great. Let’s see how long it lasts!

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