Embedding FreeCAD drawing/interface in streamlit app

Hi all!

I would need to develop an app that includes interactively parametric CAD drawings. With FreeCAD it is possible to create objects and to control their dimensions through an internal spreadsheet, as well as to calculate objects properties (measuring their volume for example).

I would like to include this interactive drawings in a streamlit app to visualize/update the 3D object and to take its properties for further calculations.

I found in literature a few examples on how to embed FreeCAD in a Python app, for example Embedding FreeCAD - FreeCAD Documentation (freecadweb.org), or the FreeCAD Gui, but with my limited skills I am still far from making it work.

Do you know if this is possible and do you have any suggestion/updated tutorial on how to do it or on alternative solutions I could try?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Bart, welcome to the Streamlit community!

If I were to guess, I suspect this won’t work as FreeCAD would be using a desktop GUI framework and Streamlit would require a web framework. So you might be able to export an stl file or other drawing, but I don’t think you could provide parametric functionality as if the user were using FreeCAD. I could be wrong though.


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