Enterprise-grade production app 100% in Streamlit for you to try

Hi all,

Octant AI is super excited to announce a huge update to our enterprise-grade MVP app (written purely in Streamlit :fire:) and I’m eager to get feedback from the Streamlit community. 30 second YouTube video on the product and problem space below:

As part of the Streamlit community, you are welcome to create your own free account. Please have a look around (maybe you’ll recognise many components!)


Inside the product, you download Excel templates to provide the data needed to train (“calibrate”) the models. You can actually use these templates as sample training and prediction data so feel free to upload them as well.

What you’ll get

:white_check_mark: If you want to know how I built parts of the app, I would be happy to explain

:white_check_mark: You’ll find detailed information on the app architecture and extensive help on what the app does.

:white_check_mark: I’m also going to be running webinars on design, CICD, security and other build issues . If you’re interested, please vote on your topics of interest in the below link:

I’m really eager to get feedback from you, especially on topics like:

:point_right: Overall look and feel. I have tried various menu components but the default one using st.page_link is the most stable and performant. I would love to include Material Design or Google icons though so any help on that would be much appreciated :pray:

:point_right: Onboarding experience

:point_right: Better ways to make the app run smoother (e.g. page loads/ widget reloads/ navigation etc.)

Please sign up for your free account, have a look, give your feedback, and please reach out if you have any questions! We want to gather feedback from the community before our production launch later this month.

Thanks in advance :muscle:


Great app :+1:

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