Error checking Streamlit healthz manager error

Hello Streamlit community! :blush:

I have been using streamlit for a data quality application and I am very happy with it.
I have added a feature to this app today, analysis of uploaded csv files using pandas profiling on the backend.

The app deploys with no problem, but if I use this new feature (i.e., select structured data, upload a csv and wait for the html component to appear), then go to the old feature (i.e., select unstructured, text data in my app, run some plots…) the app crashes giving me these errors:

[manager] Error checking Streamlit healthz: Get "http://localhost:8501/healthz": dial tcp connect: connection refused
[manager] Streamlit server consistently failed status checks
[manager] Please fix the errors, push an update to the git repo, or reboot the app.

I would assume it’s using too much memory, but I don’t think that is the case in my example. I think I am keeping some things cached when I shouldn’t be. Is it possible to take a look at my code and see if I am doing something wrong?

Thanks so much,

Me again! Forgot to mention that the app works fine when deployed locally! :slight_smile: