Error during DNS resolution

We’re experiencing an issues with one of our apps on streamlit cloud. There were no changes at the streamlit or github end when it emerged, rebooted the app, but didn’t save the logs beforehand. Nothing in the new logs after reboot.

Error looks like this:

I’ve cloned the github repo and it works as a new deployment.

What would cause this issue?
Changing deployment URL had no effect, so now even if I do get it back up and working I’ll have the issue that I can’t change it back as it says the old URL is still in use?

Any ideas? For either fixing the issue or using a no longer in use URL?

I am experiencing the same exact problem so it could be some bigger issue with the cloud at the moment. Yesterday everything was working fine and today the error appeared with no changes made in between.

Yes I have encountered exactly same issue. The app works during afternoon, but now it only shows ‘Error during DNS resolution’.