Error in styling table after Pandas upgrade to 1.1.3


thanks again for the super cool library. I get the following error when my streamlit code attempts to style a table.

some of my code here and then

This error started happening after upgrading pandas to the new version.
It did not happen with this version (1.0.4)

But happens now that I have upgraded to 1.1.3


I am positive that it is tied to the pandas version because I upgraded the pandas on my server and it broke. But continued to work perfectly on my laptop. So I upgraded the pandas on the laptop and bam.

Many thanks for your help!



I just saw this - dataframe styling breaks on pandas >= 1.1.0 #1777 - . I have no problem going back to Pandas 1.1 if this solves the problem and is possible. Thanks again


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Glad you figured it out @Fabio. With our month of releases in October, we’re a bit behind on our bug backlog, but hopefully we can get issues like these smoothed out pretty quickly.