Strange error: unable to understand what it means - streamlit



it likes your _translate() function need sparse_index and sparse_cols arguments.
you can check this with following error information.

I can read that, but what does that even mean? I am not using _translate() anywhere?!

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offcical useage with st.dataframe:
streamlit. dataframe ( data=None , width=None , height=None )

your code is st.dataframe(":.5"))

this usage is different with offcical usage.

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@jesu What version of Pandas are you using? I solved this issue downgrading from version 1.3 to 1.2.4

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Hi All,

This is a known issue with the latest Pandas upgrade to 1.3.0: DataFrame Styling not working when using pandas 1.3.0 · Issue #3526 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

Our engineering team is working on a fix. In the interim, downgrading pandas can be a temporary solution


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Thank you for pointing me to the issue. I removed the style format and then it works.

OK, happy that I can help you.

Thank you!
I had the same problem and downgrading to pandas 1.2.4 solved the problem on my computer.
But my streamlit.sharing site also didn’t work anymore, I had to take the dataframe formatting off. Does streamlit sharing automatically use pandas 1.3.0? Would it help to include pandas==1.2.4 in the requirements file?