Error Installin pycoingecko API library

I am trying to use the pycoingecko API library in my Streamlit Cloud App, it works locally no problem, and it is listed in requirements.txt. Any advice?

Full error log here: pycoingecko Streamlit Cloud Error -

Hi @irthompson01, welcome to the Streamlit community! :wave: :partying_face:

[35mERRORe[0m: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement time (from versions: none)

[35mERRORe[0m: No matching distribution found for time

The error is caused due to including the time module in your requirements file, and is unrelated to pycoingecko. The time module is part of the Python Standard Library and does not have to be installed via PyPI.

Removing time from line 2 of requirements.txt should fix this error.

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Thank you! I rebooted my app after taking out time and it works as expected… I also wasn’t even using the time module inside my app.

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