Error installing pyaudio for voice processing

2. GitHub - timespro-analytics/voice_audio

ERROR: Failed building wheel for pyaudio
Failed to build pyaudio
ERROR: Could not build wheels for pyaudio, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

We are working voice project for which we need to record voice from microphone.
For this we need to install pyaudio and portaudio package. But we are getting the above error continuosly.

Could you please check and help us here.

Hi @timespro_analytics,

Check out this thread โ€“ it looks like you will need to add portaudio19-dev and python3-all-dev to a packages.txt file.

Thanks @Caroline Packages were installed successfully.

But we started getting another error:
OSError: No Default Input Device Available


OSError: [Errno -9996] Invalid input device (no default output device)

Hey @timespro_analytics,

Check out this thread โ€“ you wonโ€™t be able to record audio with pyaudio and a Streamlit app deployed on Community Cloud. However, the streamlit-webrtc custom component built by @whitphx offers a lot of the same functionality.

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