Error installing requirements 22 sep 2023

Yesterday I made some changes to my repo Continuous-Beam-Solver. Since the Streamlit app wasn’t updating by it self I rebooted it and here started the problems below. I tried edit requirements.txt many times as you can see in the commits of the repo. Using it on my computer or in a new Github codespace works perfectly.

Then I noticed that the same issue was happening in another my repo Design-of-Concrete-Structures (probably in all my apps?) where I didn’t change anything. Just rebooted the app.

Someone can help me? Thanks :slight_smile:


Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): ...working... [2023-09-22 06:16:54.876410] done

Solving environment: ...working... [2023-09-22 06:16:54.880943] failed


  - python==3.11.4=he1021f5_0

  - zlib==1.2.13=h8cc25b3_0

  - wheel==0.38.4=py311haa95532_0

  - pip==23.2.1=py311haa95532_0

  - ca-certificates==2023.05.30=haa95532_0

  - openssl==3.0.10=h2bbff1b_2

  - xz==5.4.2=h8cc25b3_0

  - bzip2==1.0.8=he774522_0

  - sqlite==3.41.2=h2bbff1b_0

  - vc==14.2=h21ff451_1

  - vs2015_runtime==14.27.29016=h5e58377_2

  - tk==8.6.12=h2bbff1b_0

  - libffi==3.4.4=hd77b12b_0

[06:16:56] ❗️ installer returned a non-zero exit code

[06:16:56] ❗️ Error during processing dependencies! Please fix the error and push an update, or try restarting the app.

The problem comes from the environment.yml that you added yesterday. Why did you do that?

I used it just to replicate my Conda environment on another PC. But shouldn’t Streamlit only just check the requirements.txt?

Anyway: it works removing environment.yml. Many thanks :pray:
There is a way to tell Streamlit Cloud to looking only the requirements.txt?

No, see the docs on python package managers.

But Streamlit Cloud looks for specific file names, if renaming your .yml file is an option, that could help. Since it can only work with a specific OS, adding that to the name looks appropriate

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