Error occured when using sidebar

I’m a new starter for Streamlit ,yesterday I learned some basic skills of it, and when it comes to sidebar, it suddenly can not work ,the error is TypeError: ‘DeltaGenerator’ object is not callable

I wish someone could help me with it
the code is:
siderbar =st.sidebar()

Problem sovled!I added a parameter in it , it worked


Hey @wang_dashi,

Welcome to the streamlit community!! :tada::partying_face::tada::partying_face:

That’s great! Glad you got it fixed up! Can you post the line of code you changed so future users who have this question can see the code you used to fix it!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

sure,the code is:
st.sidebar.header(‘huawei apps store:’)
st.sidebar.subheader(‘1.please chose which app you want to operate’)

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