How to modify st.sidebar function?


I think the st.sidebar is too widely, I wonder how to fix it. and once you use sidebar, the button “>” is too small to use, especially on a mobile phone with my webapp.

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Here is some example code that allows you to adjust the sidebar by css Ability to set sidebar width · Issue #2058 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

thank a lot,I will try it!

but it seems not work, I add the code in my pages, still not work

Can you share a simple example where it doesn’t work? Also, what version of streamlit are you using?

sorry, I am wrong, it worked verywell, thanks a lot!
another question: if the “>” button could be changed? It is too small to pick

Here’s one way to do it

    [data-testid="collapsedControl"] svg {
        height: 3rem;
        width: 3rem;
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Thanks a lot,the problem has been solved!

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