Error requirements

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  1. Are you running

    your app locally or is it deployed?
  2. If your app is deployed:
    a. Is it deployed on Community Cloud or another hosting platform?
    b. Share the link to the public deployed app.
  3. Share the link to your app’s public GitHub repository (including a requirements file).
  4. Share the full text of the error message (not a screenshot).
  5. Share the Streamlit and Python versions.
    am trying to deploy this app uisng a repo FLIT-Data-Science-Projects-1-15/Sentiment-Analysis-For-Product-Reviews/ at main · loicengu/FLIT-Data-Science-Projects-1-15 · GitHub and am getting this error even after trying the suggestions provided in the previous post about this error type

Cleanup your requirements file, you neither need nor use most of the packages, only include those packages you actually import in your app.