Error running streamlit that ran well few minutes ago

Error running streamlit that ran well few minutes ago.
The app was working until now where I made a simple push change.

The error is as:

Failed to download the sources for repository: ‘playpick’, branch: ‘main’, main module: ‘’

Github Repo: GitHub - sayan1999/Playpick: A persistent multi user collaborative movie recommendation web app

Hi @Sayan_Dey

Have you tried rebooting the app (you can access this functionality in the lower right hand corner in the “Manage App” button).

Yes @dataprofessor , tried rebooting as well as recreating after deleting the app,
Nothing seems to work here.

Hi @dataprofessor,
I seem to have figured out the issue, there is a 500 mb file in the git repo and it uses git lfs, I ran out of the 1 gb bandwidth quota and that was causing the git sync issue.

I resolved it by chunking down the file.


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