App not working but not telling what error is

Hello guys,
None of my apps are working all of a sudden after working fine just days ago. I keep getting the following message in the log …

I have tried deleting and redeploying each of them with no success. Please help !
Here is a link to the git hub repo containing the folders for each app (first 4 items in the repo) :
GitHub - ChrisF03/Portfolio-Projects: This repository contains all completed personal projects. The README file provides more information for each project.

Since you are using Git-LFS and you have a large pickle file in your repo, i suspect that you have exceeded the monthly bandwidth limit of 1GB download bandwidth for this repo.

It is probably not the best idea to use Git-LFS in combination with a multi-project repository. If you deploy this repo only a handful times, the monthly quota is exceeded.

Thank you for responding, Franky1. I see the problem now. What could be a possible solution ? Do you suggest creating a separate repo for the project with the large pickle file ?

Hi @CF0313 :wave:

The screenshot you’ve shared concerns, which seems to be live and free of errors: It could have been a sporadic Community Cloud issue that caused the “Failed to download sources…” error.

re Git LFS: You’re running into an issue with Community Cloud not properly cloning the Git LFS uploaded object. I suspect it’s a longstanding bug that needs fixing.