Error unpickling model

Hi! I am having issues deploying my pickled (compressed with bz2) model on streamlit sharing. The app works perfectly well locally but is not working when I tried deploying it on streamlit sharing.

I am getting the following error:

File “pandas/_libs/internals.pyx”, line 572, in pandas._libs.internals.BlockManager.cinit
TypeError: cinit() takes at least 2 positional arguments (0 given)

At first i thought it’s an issue with uploading my pickled file with GitLFS so I repickled my file and tried to reuploaded it on Github but still getting the same error.

Could you please let me know what the above error means?

Here’s a link to my repo: GitHub - daphnedomingo/TennisApp: Tennis Prediction App

Hi @daphnedomingo,

I suspect the issue is with Git LFS. When I clone your repo and checked the model file size, it shows up as only 4Kb instead of 500 MB :confused:

This might happen when a user has maxed out their Git LFS bandwidth or storage limits. Would you mind following these instructions from GitHub to view your Git LFS storage and bandwidth usage? Does it indicate that you have exceeded the default 1 GB of storage and/or bandwidth?

If so, hosting the model on Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud service is an option. Regardless of where the model is hosted though, decompressing the pickled model seems to take up more than 5 GB of RAM, exhausting the app’s resource limits on Streamlit sharing.

Best, :balloon: