Error when deploying an app

Hey guys, I got a problem when deploying an app by clicking the button “Deploy” in local host. I made that local host from pycharm. After I clicked “Deploy” and check infor in repository, i was confirmed that the domain is ok and continued to deploy. And then, It showed:
“Oh no Oh no. Error running app. If you need help, try the docs and forums”
In the log info, it had a problem like that:
:exclamation: The main module file does not exist: /app/hieu98/pythonProject2\
:exclamation: Error during processing dependencies! Please fix the error and push an update, or try restarting the app.
I am sure that i deploy with file in pycharm, so can you help me to fix that and deploy sucessfully? Thank you very much.

Hi @Hieutm-98

To deploy apps to the Streamlit Community Cloud, you’ll need to upload your app’s code to a GitHub repo, connect your GitHub account with Streamlit Community Cloud and from Community Cloud choose the GitHub repo of the app from which to deploy.

Here’s a step by step blog Deploy your app - Streamlit Docs
and a corresponding video version

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