Error when updating streamlit

Dear all, after updating streamlit from 1.25 to 1.29, it stopped working on a certain Windows machine that works in โ€˜kioskโ€™ mode, for monitoring. The error that is displayed:
TypeError class heritage o is not an object or null
Firefox version on this machine: 91.5.0esr (32 bits).
Python version: 3.9.16 (on linux server)

On other Windows 10 machines (not kiosk), with Firefox 115.4.0esr (32-bit) it is working perfectly, even running much better than before when it was streamlit 1.25.

Could the Firefox version be causing the error?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @danielcancelier

Perhaps for the computer running in kiosk mode, you could downgrade the Streamlit version and revert to the older working version. Have you tried whether it works in other browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.)

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