Error while readind data from csv after deployment

I try to deploy my projet. It is a multipage app and on the pages which use csv data I get error. There is my link:

At first I had data as xls, after the error I changed to csv, but I have stil problem.


Use "/" as the path separator.

Thank you but stil have error, not even working local. As I know double \ shoud be fine.

No, "\" won’t work in streamlit cloud. You fixed that problem, now you have a different one. Do you understand what the error message says?

Maybe not really. Can you be more clear? I use β€œ\” as separator if I use β€œ/”, stil not working.

It says that your DataFrame doesn’t have a column "DΓ‘tum". Display the DataFrame to figure out what’s going on.

Thank for your suggestions. I hanged the code to use β€˜\’ if works local and β€˜/’ if works deployed. Now the file is found, but somehow can not read xls. I use pandas read_exel, which need to work. I changed the hungarian letters to english to be shure can read column names. Any suggestion?

You probably also have to add the optional pandas dependency xlrd to your requirements.

Thank you added xlrd to requirements, works fine. So there was more problems, seems everything solved.

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