Experimenting with the Layout including a Grid

Hi All

I was trying to experiment with what can be done today with respect to a grid/ dashboard layout.

The conclusion is that some things cannot be done but I need to wait for custom widgets or an official grid before it get’s really interesting.

I’ve included the experiment in the awesome-streamlit.org gallery.

Feel free to contribute your improvements here https://github.com/MarcSkovMadsen/awesome-streamlit/blob/master/gallery/layout_experiments/app.py


And here is a full width page

Added dark theme and plotly subplots

@Marc thank you for continuing to innovate and push the boundaries in Streamlit! Really cool to see what you’re doing and definitely gives some food for thought as we are speccing out how advanced layout could work :slight_smile:

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I have so many friends, colleagues and fellow pythonistas whose life would be much easier if we could just push Streamlit a little bit.

That’s my motivation.