Export a PowerPoint Report

Hello Streamlit Community,

I would like to share an app I’ve created that allows a user to download a…

powerpoint report…

I know, I know…the purpose of Streamlit is to move away from static data reporting, but sometimes sharing results through channels like Slack is just easier if you can export the visualizations.

I searched in the beginning of my Streamlit discovery for such an example but was not able to find one. I would love to see some other examples if anyone knows of one.

This app uses python-pptx to create the powerpoint. I was able to piece together a download button by reading some discussions in this community about creating a PDF. I think creating a PPTX is possibly a better option than a PDF export, and exporting/converting PPTX to PDF is pretty simple for most users.

I would be interested to see if someone would be able to figure out how to store the chart images in memory rather than creating and deleting temp files like this app does.

Here is the link to my Streamlit app (fingers crossed this app works for you).


This was working but now the code seems to longer be working…

specifically this:

pio.kaleido.scope.chromium_args = tuple([arg for arg in pio.kaleido.scope.chromium_args if arg != “–disable-dev-shm-usage”])

breaks the app every time now