Failure to deploy

Hi, trying to deploy first app and I’m seemingly running into an error “Preparing metadata” for suds-jurko. The app runs fine locally. Any advice greatly appreciated!

repo: GitHub - msparacino/SNOTEL_v1: beta test for DW SNOTEL

It seems to be some dependency error between setuptools and suds-jurko. Maybe if you update to the latest version of all libs could resolve.

But, if you put this in requirements.txt could resolve your problem.


Thanks, but that didn’t solve the issue. I saw that thread before I started this one; I previously tried adding setuptools==58.0.0 to requirements.txt without luck. I’ve updated the version of requirements.txt in the repo.

You are right. I tried to replicate your requirements.txt in my project that is using Streamlit Cloud and I had the same issue. After some tests, I found that the problem is in ulmo lib. Reading the git repository of ulmo, I found that this is a known issue.

I tried a lot of things, but any of them was enough to resolve this. Some of my tests:

  • Using suds-jurko==0.5
  • Using suds-jurko==0.6
  • Using setuptools==56.2.0
  • Using setuptools==57.5.0
  • Using setuptools==58.0.0
  • Using setuptools==63.2.0

Maybe if you try some combination of setuptools and suds-jurko you could resolve this issue, but my personal recommendation is maybe you can try to get and transform data without using ulmo. This lib has suds-jurko, that is a project that no longer receives an update (since 2014) and is a known generator of dependencies conflicts and problems

Removing Ulmo fixed the problem. Thank you!