🏠 [Feb 27] How Airbnb data science teams use Streamlit at scale

Learn how Dan Miller and the Airbnb team share data insights across their organization with Streamlit!

:date: When: Feb. 27, 2024 at 10:30 a.m. PT
:round_pushpin: Where: Catch the livestream here, or on Streamlit’s Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

Live attendees will have a chance to win a Streamlit hoodie! :balloon:

What’s on the agenda? Join @Caroline and Dan to learn:

  • How his team built a system to manage CI/CD, dependencies, and more
  • Advice for data scientists who are looking to start deploying Streamlit apps at work
  • The net impact of incorporating Streamlit into workflows

Feel free to leave any questions you want to ask Dan in the comments.

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