Feedback for my Spotify Analysis App

Hey everyone,

I recently deployed my streamlit app (details below) and would appreciate any feedback. If you are familiar with cache decorators, please suggest any recommendations for where to scatter them because the app is a bit slow without them (but I don’t think that will take away from the experience that much).

repo: GitHub - lucas-nelson-uiuc/spotipy_analysis: home of the Spotify Analysis Dashboard

Thanks big time!

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Hey @lou_nel

Waw the app is beautiful, I love the theming :slight_smile: you could apply at Spotify with this ahah


Have a nice day Streamitin"
Fanilo :balloon:

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Thanks mate - I’ll make sure to update the links but that sample data idea is great! Will definitely check out that link!

Walkthrough doc :upside_down_face:

Really nice app @lou_nel - I’m into danceability and energy!! :man_dancing:t4: