Music Through the Ages app

Hi Everyone!

Super excited to share my first Streamlit app, :notes: Music through the Ages - Exploring 50 years of Music trends in the Billboard Hot 100s

I felt it was the perfect front-end platform for readers to engage with my analysis on the topic and explore the dataset with their own favorite artists.

Hope you like it! Would love to hear feedback and suggestions! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @Tanul_Mathur! That’s a nice clean presentation of the data. Love that you use an expander also for the definitions :slight_smile:


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How are you clustering genres? “Happy Dance”, “Soft Acoustic”, etc. Is that in the dataset? Or are you doing some magic? 🪄

Thanks @thiago , yes using some data science magic! :mage: :crystal_ball: :grin:

It’s the final dataset from the themes I’ve identified in this project. Essentially, clustering the Billboard Hot 100s on their Spotify audio features. :notes: