File_uploader is showing the uploaded files in the UI locally, but not when hosting the service on the server


I am using file_uploader with accept_multiple_files=True. While I run the code locally, I am able to see the uploaded files in the UI.


But when I hosted the service on a server machine, the files are not visible in the UI.


Could you please help me on this?

Hi @SSofficial_Ss,

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So, to make sure I understand your question:

  • You made and app locally using st.file_uploader and you were able to upload a file from your computer and see it on the app
  • You deployed your app, and then tried to re-upload your file from your computer but it is not working once you launched your app?

Where did you deploy your app to?
also do you have a link to your github and app that you can send to me?